Thank you for your interest in donating to Mortar Board Alumni / Tolo Foundation.  One of the three tenets of Mortar Board is Scholarship, so we are seeking with this page to make it easier and more convenient for you to become an active participant in our efforts to support students of achievement at the University of Washington.  Past award recipients have studied and conducted research in topics ranging from the gap between nutrition and medicine… to renewable energy, oncology, improving financial literacy so that financial services are available to all… and much more.  Donations from Mortar Board alumni and friends are vital to continuing this hugely important part of our mission.

Tolo Scholarship FundClick below to donate to our long-standing alumni supported fund.

Tolo Foundation – Greatest Need

While the Board does its best to keep administrative costs to a minimum, a budget is needed to maintain the website, pay postage and printing costs for the annual report, and keep our 501c3 status with the IRS.  Occasionally, general funds are used to augment scholarship awards.  Please click below to donate to the general operating fund that allows us to do the necessary behind-the-scenes work to keep the Foundation running.

Designated Scholarships

Have you or someone you know already set up a Mortar Board scholarship?  Click below to give to one of our designated scholarships: Margaret Shaw-Anderson, Graham-Trzcinski, or Music Performance.

Other Ways to Give

Mortar Board is happy to work with your employer to receive employer matched gifts.  If you work for Boeing or another company that matches gifts, please let us know so we can complete the steps to receive the matching funds.  Simply email our treasurer at the address below to start the process.

We welcome gifts of all kinds!  If you’d like to make a gift of securities, please contact our treasurer at for additional information.

Several generous members have chosen to remember Mortar Board Alumni / Tolo Foundation in their wills.  We are grateful to all who consider remembering the Foundation in this way.  For more information, please contact your estate planner.